Seamless connectivity of front office and back office systems is a one of the deciding factor in e-business and globalization realm. Enterprise middleware solution brings a technological glue facilitating inter-operation of legacy and client server enterprise systems with external applications and web enables systems. Enterprise middleware solution uses right mix of technologies (Web, message-oriented middleware, EAI, EDI and application servers) to deliver enterprise integration project. Our Enterprise integration solution includes:

Understanding your EI (Enterprise integration) needs.
Defining EI implementation strategy
Technology and vendor selection
Architecture design
EI solution implementation
Full EI solution support

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We glide you through the tedious alternatives available in today's technologically savvy world! With our solid experience and expertise, we help you identify, organize, implement and achieve the seamlessly integrated, scalable IT solutions for your business which will provide outstanding performance for the years to come.

The services we provide are:

Web based: Apache, Microsoft, iPlanet, SUN.
Message-oriented middleware: IBM, Neon, Candle,
Nastel, BMC, MQSoftware, TIBCO, Sonic.
EAI: IBM, BEA, Neon, Oracle, Sybase.
EDI: Mercator, Harbinger
Application servers: BEA, IBM, SUN, Microsoft
NetScape, ATG, Allaire.
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