Boundless connectivity, a business need for tomorrow. The motto is "Presence; everywhere, all the time". The ever-increasing popularity of mobile Internet demands that, every technology savvy company widens its horizons by getting m-enabled. We are full systems integrator for Mobile data communications and wireless systems. We analyze the mobile needs of a client, formulate a mobile strategy and perform a full-scale integration. Our expertise includes implementing real-time wireless systems, designing, deploying and supporting vertical solutions, wireless data centers and wireless application provisioning. Our array of mobile solutions include:

Wireless Portals

Portals have evolved as the only window that one would need to the world of information. Wireless portals can deliver time-sensitive, localized and customized content to a variety of devices. MCS specializes in creating mobile portals that are directed towards providing information and content customized for different segments of the mobile user community. MCS consultants possess the expertise and the knowledge to devise customized portal solutions catering to specific needs of your industry.


With the rapid enhancements in the field of mobile internet since its advent, a newer and more sophisticated range of mobile devices have hit the marquee which are promising a high level of user friendliness to its users. With mobile Internet being such a hit, the next logical step that the "wirelessly present" companies are taking is that of mobile commerce. Having the power to execute financial transactions on-the-go is the dream of any mobile user. The mobile division of MCS possesses talents that can help your business step into this boundless land of mobile technologies guiding you to evolve secure commerce applications.


If your company has mobile employee force then your business can harness the potential that wireless technology holds, in more than one ways. It can lend your business the flexibility that it has always yearned for. All that your business needs is a smart, economical and comprehensive application. This is where MCS can step in to provide you with solutions that can add value to your existing business and tune them to maximize revenues and profits, improve efficiency, and streamline workflow for field-based personnel, thus improving efficiency and profitability.


Entertainment becomes a integral part and most widely used outcome of any technology that becomes popular. Streaming audio and video based applications and SMS based network games are next in the line to be rolled out when the mobile technology gets more standardized. MCS is moving ahead in the field of mobile entertainment by conceptualizing applications that would get the best out of the enhanced displays, graphics, sound and speed promised by emerging 3G technologies.
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